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For the preservation and sustainable development of rural areas, agriculture plays a major role comprising economic, ecological and social functions. Climate change has an increasing effect on the boundary conditions of agriculture and beside consequent climate protection suitable strategies for adaptation are needed.

The LandCaRe (Land, Climate and Resources) 2020 joint project ideals with the effects of regional climate change on agriculture and agro-ecosystems. Its central objective is a dynamic decision support system (DSS), which is developed on the basis of the two model regions of Uckermark on the northeast German plain and Weißeritzkreis in the eastern Ore Mountains and which is transferred to other regions. The DSS supports adaptations from agriculture, preceding and subsequent economic sectors, and other stakeholders in rural areas.

Climate change and agriculture in Saxony

In cooperation with LandCaRe 2020, the “Strategy for adaption of the saxonian agriculture to climate change” has been developed by the Saxonian Ministry for Environment and Agriculture including the technical basis provided by the related agricultural authorities.