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Climate change and rural areas

Which measures are suitable for my company or location to react on the effects of climate change?

Which impacts climate change will have on ecosystems in rural areas?

  • LandCaRe 2020 (Land, Climate and Resources 2020) seeks for answers to such and similar questions. The central results of the project, the LandCaRe decision support system (LandCaRe DSS), wants to provide assistance to agricultural authorities, farmers and related economic sectors for adaptation to climate change.
  • The LandCaRe project is conducted by a research consortium under the leadership of the Technische Universität Dresden.
  • During the development stage of the DSS two pilot regions are in focus : the “Weißeritzkreis” in the eastern Ore Mountains (Saxony) and the “Uckermark” in the lowlands of northeast Germany (Brandenburg).

Coordination: Department of Meteorology, Technical University of Dresden

Contact: Dr. Barbara Köstner

The LandCaRe-DSS is available under the following link (testversion):


Internal Information

LandCaRe Conference

The conference on "decision support for agriculture under climate change" on 23-24 March 2010 was conducted successfully in Brunswick.

Final workshop

The final workshop of LandCaRe 2020 with presentation of the LandCaRe DSS adapted to the model regions took place in Dresden, 16 December 2009.

Results of klimazwei

End of May 2009 results of the klimazwei research programme were presented at Berlin. Besides the brochure a book on klimazwei results is book published in December 2009.