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Project objectives

The project LandCaRe 2020 aims at developing and providing tools, by which decision making of agriculture and further stakeholders in the rural areas can be supported. This shall lead to suitable measures for adaptation to regional climate change in the next decades.

One major goal is the knowledge platform LandCaRe DSS (DSS = decision support system), which can be adapted to different regions and in which interactive simulations of selected scenarios can be performed.

The DSS includes the following analysis options:

  • Statistics of climate trends of the past and different regional climate projections of the future (time frame 1950 to 2050)
  • Agricultural production, depending on the selection of species, location, and management options
  • Water, carbon, nitrogen fluxes and groundwater recharge
  • Climatic and ecological indicators related to phenology, plant ontogeny, photosynthesis, soil erosion, etc.
  • Economic scenarios and indicators related to production costs and farm income

Climate change and agriculture in Saxony

In cooperation with LandCaRe 2020, the “Strategy for adaption of the saxonian agriculture to climate change” has been developed by the Saxonian Ministry for Environment and Agriculture including the technical basis provided by the related agricultural authorities.